Dear future husband…

“Here’s a few things you’ll need to know if you wanna be my one and only all my life…” 
Thank you Meghan Trainor for releasing a song that describes some, if not the majority, of the things most women want from their boyfriend/fiancé/or current husband. Granted this is just a song and it is not meant to be something to base your relationship on, but the more I listen to the song, (why does the song have to be so catchy?) I think about what I would want my future husband to know, before he takes one knee. 

  • I’m not always right, but I’ll act like I am. Don’t just agree with me. 
  • I’m not huge on PDA. I’m not going to have a make out session with you on the mall bench. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hold your hand, wrap our arms around each other and exchange an occasional kiss. 
  • Call me crazy, but I don’t need or want to have sex with you every time we have time to spare. 
  • SUPPORT ME. I change my mind about everything. Do your best to lead me in the best direction and just support me. 
  • Spend time with me. We don’t have to go to 5 Star restaurants or anywhere at all, but I need to feel like you want to be around me. I’m not an independent person, I don’t like to spend all my time alone.. I’ll go crazy left alone with my own thoughts. 
  • Don’t ever call me names or raise your voice at me. Ever. 
  • Know that I’ll go above and beyond to do things for you and to keep you happy. If I ask you to do something for me, don’t act like it kills you. 
  • I have insecurities, don’t point them out for me. 
  • Don’t be lazy. Lazy days are okay, but when it’s 6 out of 7 days a week, I can’t deal with that. If that’s you, then we can’t work out. 

At the beginning of this article, you probably thought I was just going to praise Meghan Trainor’s song, didn’t you? 

Anywho, this is just a little something that’s been on my mind lately.  


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