I like to think of myself as a girl, or well a woman, who doesn’t need constant reminders or reassurance that she is loved and needed. I like to think of myself as someone who is calm, trusting, and understanding of her significant other’s own life… For the most part, I think I have achieved this. I get needy sometimes, jealous, and lets be honest sometimes I think I just get mad to be mad. 

Though recently I have realized, and by recently I mean now as I’m writing this post, I do need reminders. I need reminders to know that I’m on your mind when we aren’t together. I need reminders to know that you appreciate me and actually noticed the things I do for you or around the house. I don’t want you to spend all your personal time texting, tweeting, snapchating (or even worse calling) me to say “I miss you”, but sometimes when I’m not expecting it, I need it. I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea, I don’t need gifts or long, sappy Facebook posts confessing your love and appreciation for me, but just getting things done around the house before I come home or simply asking about my day can remind me. 

I say this because stress gets the best of everyone sometimes. Stress about money, stress from work, stress from school, stress comes from everything in our daily lives basically and it’s easy to forget that sometimes we all need a “thank you”, whether it’s written on a sticky note stuck to a coffee, or a silly #WCW Instagram post. Sometimes we all need a reminder. 


(notice he says how childish he is, and then goes on to say “sweatergawd”..)


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