Drugstore find


Moisturizing Facial Wash and Foaming Cleanser

So I may have overdid it a little with my GlamGlow Cleanser….  Using it every morning and every night for over a week with no moisturizer may have dried my face out a little… That’s not a negative towards the GlamGlow because I still seriously love it, I just use it once a day and then one of these awesome CVS finds, for the other time. 
Now that you have the back story, I bough this at CVS. They were on sale, so my total was a little under $14 for both, so excited! I didn’t expect much from them, I just needed something to get rid of the dry spots around my mouth and nose. 

I use my cleansing pad with both of these products as well. The wash did ease my dry skin, but as for my pores, acne, and oily skin, I didn’t notice much. However I like the foaming cleanser much better than the wash! The foaming cleanser makes my skin feel so soft and clean afterwards, but unlike the GlamGlow cleanser, my skin doesn’t feel as tight. I was really impressed with this foaming cleanser, if you’re looking for a cleanser and you have sensitive skin, I’d recommend giving this a try! Like the facial wash, I don’t really notice a difference with my acne, but if you don’t have as much of an issue with acne, this would be a great cleanser! 



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