First DIY Post!

I’ve been meaning to do a DIY post for like weeks now. Honestly I haven’t because I didn’t do a good job at taking pictures through any of my projects. I need to work on that. Anyway, this is just a short little post. 

So we moved into a bigger apartment about a month ago. Luckily our landlord is super cool, so I can paint, hang decor, basically anything that doesn’t destroy his building, which you know, that’s understandable. I did this same DIY project in our other apartment, so I had to do it again because it turned out so well. 

Painting our front door.

Front Door… awful right

Rust, dents, chipped paint… just awful. So I decided to go with a flat black. Best decision I’ve ever made. I’m all for making colorful statements with front door paint colors, however that looks a little weird with apartments when only one door stands out. So I used this paint by Rustoleum. 


Rustoleum in Flat Black

I used a can for each side of the door, it’ll take two coats of paint. They have bigger size of cans, but for some reason I don’t buy those. Here’s an after picture. 


after paint
SO MUCH BETTER!!! Doesn’t even look like the same door. Up close you can see my little mistakes and the dents, but from a fat it looks amazing. So much better than the ugly rust and scratches. 

Fun fact: the wreath is DIY too. I’d make a post about the Eadter wreath but I totally winged it…but look at that beautiful bow!! 😉 


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