First up…

Urban Decay’s Mattifying Powder! Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Urban Decay products. I haven’t found a product I haven’t liked of theirs, so maybe I am a little biased. Anyway, I was a little sceptical of buying this because my skin gets so oily so fast, and all the products that claim to be “oil absorbing” or something of the sort, never ever work. 

I started by wearing the Mattifying powder over my foundation to work a few times, but that’s a little too hopeful to keep my skin non-shiney after 8 hours of being around grease in a hot little building. šŸ˜© So anyway, I finally tried the powder in a realistic setting today! 

*Keep in mind, I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin is super oily.*

I applied the powder over my foundation again today around 9:30am, by 1:00pm my face looked like an oil spill, which is normal for me. So I applied the mattifying powder again, as a ‘touch up’ kind of thing. The packaging says you can apply to your bare skin, over foundation or as a on-the-go touch up, sort of like blotting papers, so I would try all the various ways to see what works for you. I personally think it works best as a touch up during the middle of the day kind of thing. I would definitely recommend this product, especially if your T-Zone gets oily like mine does.  

Before applying the powder…(this picture does not do justice for how oily my face getsšŸ™„)


After applying the powder!
Hope this helps! 


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