Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask

If you’ve ever ordered from Sephora, you know you get 3 free samples with your purchase, which is where these came from. 

THANK GOSH I didn’t pay money for these! Given that everyone’s different and I’m sure some people love these products, and truthfully I’m sure I’d like different products from this brand, but I did not like these at all. 

First, the soy cleanser. It was clear and sort of runny. It did make my face really soft, but I didn’t like the smell. It also didn’t impress me with clearing my skin or anything, but I did only have a sample size so I didn’t use it very long either. 

Second, the rose face mask. I love face masks, so I was really excited to try this when I chose it from the samples. My biggest turn off from this was the color and texture. Look at it….


Rose face mask…

It was brown and had real rose petals which might be okay for some people, but to me it just made me feel like I was wiping mud all over my face. It didn’t smell great either. šŸ˜© These were both total let downs for me, but as you can tell it was mainly aesthetic features for me. 


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