Tarte Lip Paint

nude lip box

Part of my most recent purchase from Sephora, I picked this sample box of different shades and brands of nude lip products. There were a total of five different products in the lip box. 

This post is focused on the Tarte lip paint.  I really like the shade of the lip paint. The texture is sort of different, but it isn’t something that would push me away from the product. It’s a very creamy formula, I think. 

Tarte Lip Paint
tarte lip paint

It lasts a very long time, even with eating and drinking. I was impressed. Overall, the color is my favorite. I’m not a huge fan of the creaminess of the lip paint, but that’s my personal preference. (there’s no name on the sample and I didn’t take a picture of the box…..Opps.😅)  *UPDATE: It’s called Namaste.” 😊


One thought on “Tarte Lip Paint

  1. I’m struggling to find the perfect nude lip 😭 every color is either too dark or too pink. Or the texture is weird on my lips. This looks simple and sweet so I’ll try it on at the store. Let me know if you have any favorite nude shades!

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