Facebook ‘DIY’

So this post is coming from a curiosity about something I saw on Facebook. It was a home remedies video from a lady and she had a few different DIY’s in the video. The one that caught my eye was she put Pepto Bismol on her nose, I couldn’t tell whether it was for blackheads or pores, but her nose did look clearer in the after shot. i thought that would be awesome if it really worked. I mean, who doesn’t have Pepto sitting around? All she did was ‘paint’ Pepto onto her nose and let it dry, then rinsed.


Well, I decided to try it tonight. I HATE the smell of Pepto, but I figured if it worked then I’d deal with it. I was a little nervous to try it because a few comments I read about the Pepto hack mentioned staining your face and my face is already red enough.

I ran my bottle of Pepto under warm water to warm the Pepto up before I applied it to my face. This is optional but I thought it might help. I applied the Pepto to my nose and cheeks, since I didn’t know if it was intended to get rid of blackheads or shrink pores. My nose is awful for blackheads and my cheeks have really big pores.

Wet pepto

I know everything on Facebook is supposed to be true, but this did nothing for either problems. It did however totally leave my cheeks/nose feeling super soft and tightened. I don’t know if this is something you need to do more than once or what, but after one use it did nothing for my skin. However, it also didn’t stain or leave my skin smelling like pepto bismol (yay!). 



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