DIY Charcoal Peel off Mask

Okay, if you love face masks like I do, then I KNOW you’ve seen that “miracle” black mask that looks so painful to peel off.  You’re like “how could that NOT pull out these blackheads?!”.  At least that was my thought process. So the mask I saw a video of ( I don’t remember the name now) I found online and it cost around $70USD, I’m all for paying more for products that work, but not when I haven’t sampled them or anything, so that was a little steep for my budget.  So I looked on Pinterest for a DIY charcoal mask… Pinterest never disappoints, even if my attempts fail.

So the easiest DIY I found, was Elmer’s Glue and the powder from activated charcoal capsules. I found my charcoal caps in the isle for gas relief at CVS. I don’t remember how much they were but I want to say like $10? I still have some too, so they last a while too. Elmer’s Glue is of course in the crafts/supplies isle. I bought extra strength original glue and it works the best in my opinion. For the mask, all you do is mix some of the glue with about 1-3 caps of the activated charcoal depending how much of your face you want to cover (until it’s a paste). I applied mine with the spoon I mixed it with, but the video I found used a brush to ‘paint’ it on your face but I didn’t have a paint brush. Also be sure to avoid eyebrows/any hair you don’t want removed. The mask is extremely strong. If you get some in your hair or eyebrows, just take hot water over it before it starts to dry and it’ll come off without removing hair 🙂 *** BE CAREFUL WITH THE CHARCOAL! IT WILL STAIN CLOTHES! *** The paste is really cold, so if there was a way to warm it up some to open your pores, I bet it would work even better, but I’m not sure what would work for that.

supplies needed

Once you have a paste, apply it all over your face or to the area you want. Make sure to connect all of the paste so that it is easier to peel. It dries fairly quick, but you have to be sure not to move the mask or it cracks. You’ll be able to feel once it’s dry and hard/smooth to touch. I’d say it probably took like 10 minutes for my whole face to dry. Once the mask you can begin to peel it off. I think it’s easier to start at the bottom but as long as you are pulling up/out on the mask, I don’t think it would make a huge difference. Most of the mask comes off in one piece or at least a few big pieces but there might be some small spots that you’ll have to wash off with hot water.

Pieces peeled off

Given that this is a DIY and not the $70 mask, I’m sure the homemade mask lacks obvious benefits. However, when I removed my mask, I’ve always been able to see some of the dirt/blackheads it has pulled out. It also leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth. I could only imagine how the real mask works, but I don’t think I can convince myself to spend $70 on one product… I only use this mask a couple times a month due to it being SO strong, but I have no basis to stop you from using it as much as you’d like. Give it a try if you’re curious like I was! 🙂

Wet Mask
Mask drying

Peeling the mask off
Another view of the peel off mask



Facebook ‘DIY’

So this post is coming from a curiosity about something I saw on Facebook. It was a home remedies video from a lady and she had a few different DIY’s in the video. The one that caught my eye was she put Pepto Bismol on her nose, I couldn’t tell whether it was for blackheads or pores, but her nose did look clearer in the after shot. i thought that would be awesome if it really worked. I mean, who doesn’t have Pepto sitting around? All she did was ‘paint’ Pepto onto her nose and let it dry, then rinsed.


Well, I decided to try it tonight. I HATE the smell of Pepto, but I figured if it worked then I’d deal with it. I was a little nervous to try it because a few comments I read about the Pepto hack mentioned staining your face and my face is already red enough.

I ran my bottle of Pepto under warm water to warm the Pepto up before I applied it to my face. This is optional but I thought it might help. I applied the Pepto to my nose and cheeks, since I didn’t know if it was intended to get rid of blackheads or shrink pores. My nose is awful for blackheads and my cheeks have really big pores.

Wet pepto

I know everything on Facebook is supposed to be true, but this did nothing for either problems. It did however totally leave my cheeks/nose feeling super soft and tightened. I don’t know if this is something you need to do more than once or what, but after one use it did nothing for my skin. However, it also didn’t stain or leave my skin smelling like pepto bismol (yay!). 



This is a different type of lipstick, it can ask be used for cheeks (which I’ve never tested). It’s a pencil instead of a typical stick. 


This is also a brown nude color. I like the way it goes on and the texture of the product, but I’m not huge on the color (for me). I want to love dark lip colors but I just don’t know how to rock them yet. I’m working on that ;). 

my lips were really strange last night…

Maybe it’ll grow on me. 

Color in ‘Whisper’

Two in One post…

Marc Jacobs Lip Liner & NARS Lipstick: I LOVE THIS COMBO!!

These are now my everyday go to lip color, and I was one of the people who thought they’d never use a lip liner. I love everything about the Marc Jacobs lip liner. 

Marc Jacobs Lip Liner


 I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this lipstick. I SO understand why everyone loves NARS lipstick now. The color, the formula, the smooth application, everything! It does have a funny smell though, not that that is a major concern. When these two products are used together, I just can’t even explain, so here’s a picture ;). 
hey its me


Kay Von D studded lipstick 

I was super excited about this! I bought this in addition to the nude lip box, but I was really excited to try the liquid eyeliner too. However, due to my awful experience with liquid eye liner, I’m not going to review that product. I’m not good enough with liquid eye liner to review a post for everyone to judge on. 

I love the bright pink color of this lipstick. However, I’m not too crazy about the glitter in it. It’s not as gritty feeling as some lipsticks with glitter, but I’m still not a huge fan. BUT the color is great and it’s definitely a long lasting lipstick. 

Kat Von D, studded lipstick in Magick

I would love to have this lipstick in a different shade though. It’s very bright and I tend to stay with darker shades. I still love the color though.  

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask

If you’ve ever ordered from Sephora, you know you get 3 free samples with your purchase, which is where these came from. 

THANK GOSH I didn’t pay money for these! Given that everyone’s different and I’m sure some people love these products, and truthfully I’m sure I’d like different products from this brand, but I did not like these at all. 

First, the soy cleanser. It was clear and sort of runny. It did make my face really soft, but I didn’t like the smell. It also didn’t impress me with clearing my skin or anything, but I did only have a sample size so I didn’t use it very long either. 

Second, the rose face mask. I love face masks, so I was really excited to try this when I chose it from the samples. My biggest turn off from this was the color and texture. Look at it….


Rose face mask…

It was brown and had real rose petals which might be okay for some people, but to me it just made me feel like I was wiping mud all over my face. It didn’t smell great either. 😩 These were both total let downs for me, but as you can tell it was mainly aesthetic features for me. 

First up…

Urban Decay’s Mattifying Powder! Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Urban Decay products. I haven’t found a product I haven’t liked of theirs, so maybe I am a little biased. Anyway, I was a little sceptical of buying this because my skin gets so oily so fast, and all the products that claim to be “oil absorbing” or something of the sort, never ever work. 

I started by wearing the Mattifying powder over my foundation to work a few times, but that’s a little too hopeful to keep my skin non-shiney after 8 hours of being around grease in a hot little building. 😩 So anyway, I finally tried the powder in a realistic setting today! 

*Keep in mind, I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin is super oily.*

I applied the powder over my foundation again today around 9:30am, by 1:00pm my face looked like an oil spill, which is normal for me. So I applied the mattifying powder again, as a ‘touch up’ kind of thing. The packaging says you can apply to your bare skin, over foundation or as a on-the-go touch up, sort of like blotting papers, so I would try all the various ways to see what works for you. I personally think it works best as a touch up during the middle of the day kind of thing. I would definitely recommend this product, especially if your T-Zone gets oily like mine does.  

Before applying the powder…(this picture does not do justice for how oily my face gets🙄)


After applying the powder!
Hope this helps!