This is a different type of lipstick, it can ask be used for cheeks (which I’ve never tested). It’s a pencil instead of a typical stick. 


This is also a brown nude color. I like the way it goes on and the texture of the product, but I’m not huge on the color (for me). I want to love dark lip colors but I just don’t know how to rock them yet. I’m working on that ;). 

my lips were really strange last night…

Maybe it’ll grow on me. 

Color in ‘Whisper’

Laura Mercier Lipstick

Almost done reviewing my last Sephora haul! 

Anyway, this is another lipstick that was included in the nude lips thing I bought from Sephora. I’ve never tried another Laura Mercier product, so this was a decent first experience with the brand. 

(also, ignore my green face mask, didn’t plan on trying lipsticks until after 🙃).

Laura Mercier Lipstick
The color is Crème Smooth, since the picture is a little blurry. It’s more of a brown nude color. It is definitely a smooth lipstick, creamy formula and it went on easy. 

Laura Mercier
my lips look awkward in these

I think I would like this lipstick more if the color was matte and not shiny. I just don’t know how to wear brown lipsticks but maybe I’ll figure it out this fall? Hopefully anyway, I love nude colors! 

Two in One post…

Marc Jacobs Lip Liner & NARS Lipstick: I LOVE THIS COMBO!!

These are now my everyday go to lip color, and I was one of the people who thought they’d never use a lip liner. I love everything about the Marc Jacobs lip liner. 

Marc Jacobs Lip Liner


 I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this lipstick. I SO understand why everyone loves NARS lipstick now. The color, the formula, the smooth application, everything! It does have a funny smell though, not that that is a major concern. When these two products are used together, I just can’t even explain, so here’s a picture ;). 
hey its me


Kay Von D studded lipstick 

I was super excited about this! I bought this in addition to the nude lip box, but I was really excited to try the liquid eyeliner too. However, due to my awful experience with liquid eye liner, I’m not going to review that product. I’m not good enough with liquid eye liner to review a post for everyone to judge on. 

I love the bright pink color of this lipstick. However, I’m not too crazy about the glitter in it. It’s not as gritty feeling as some lipsticks with glitter, but I’m still not a huge fan. BUT the color is great and it’s definitely a long lasting lipstick. 

Kat Von D, studded lipstick in Magick

I would love to have this lipstick in a different shade though. It’s very bright and I tend to stay with darker shades. I still love the color though.