Benefit PORE fessional

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE products. This is the one thing (besides my mascara) that I always keep stocked and ready. It works so well at covering my big pores for a smooth, soft looking face. Its a creamy, lightweight formula that is super easy to cover with foundation or to wear alone for a natural look.

I love Benefit products but this is my favorite by far, I think it is worth every penny and I think it lasts a decent amount of time for the little bit it is. If you have large pores, TRY THIS OUT ASAP!! You will not regret it. 🙂



Make Up Forever- Mat Velvet+ Foundation

I’m SO behind on my blog posts, but anyway, here’s one from a while ago.

Makeup Forever’s Mat Velvet+ Foundation. It’s a matifying foundation (obv.), oil-free, and water resistant. This foundation wasn’t for me… I don’t know if it was the ingredients or the oils from my skin or a combination of both, but whatever the issue was it did not agree with my skin. It didn’t last NEARLY long enough for a foundation I would use and it would crease and basically melt in some spots.

With that being said, it was a very lightweight foundation and I loved how it looked right after application, which is why I think it was probably just the oil in my skin that didn’t agree with the formula.

It wasn’t extremely outrageous at Sephora, so I’m sure Ulta would probably be an even better price. I would recommend trying a sample if you have oily skin like I do because it might work better with your skin type!



Maybelline Brow define+fill Duo

Finally I’ve found a product to use on my brows that I actually like. With my eyebrows being so blonde and thin, I never like the color or how the product looks once I apply it. 

I decided to try Maybelline’s Brow Define+Fill Duo in blonde. I LOVE IT. Let’s just see the difference. 


That picture actually makes them more visible than what they really are, crazy right? 

Okay, so first step. Define. I don’t shape my eyebrows much, just keep them neat and pluck the strays/middle, so that’s why you can see a little difference in shape. Obviously you can shape them however you like with this product, whether it’s their natural shape or whatever you think looks best. So for the first step, you use this end of the pencil (it doesn’t need to be sharpened, you just twist when it gets too low, which I love.) I hate sharpeners/any product that needs sharpening. Anyway, here’s what this side looks like. 


Define side of the brow pencil. (excuse my ugly chipped nails!!)

You can sort of see the directions on how to use each side in the picture. So now here’s what my brows look like after just the first step.  

I didnt know if i should smile i guess.
I’m so awkward, how did I win most photogenic in high school? Okay, next step: Fill! So the fill side has a sponge-like end, which somehow has the color in it.. Truthfully, I have no idea where it comes from or how this end works, but it does. The only downside to this end, when you first start to fill in your brows, it’s really heavy. So when I’m completely finished, I touch them up with a q-tip to smooth out the darker spots and even the color out. Here’s my final result! 

Hello Eyebrows!

GlamGlow Super Cleanse

Since this is my first beauty post, let me start out by saying: I am not a beautician, pro-make up artist, or anything of the sort. However, I do love trying new products and if I can help someone else find a product they love I’m all for it!

Now to the good stuff. I bought the GlamGlow Super Cleanse recently in hopes of finding a product that actually helps my skin. (I have super oily, acne-prone skin and terribly big pores on my cheeks. *yikes*) I’ve tried Glamglow’s Super-Mud clearing treatment before, and I really liked it. Unfortunately, with my skin masks don’t seem to be effective, I need something I can use daily. (this doesn’t stop me from buying cheaper masks and using them though) So I was extremely excited to try this daily cleanser from GlamGlow! I’ve been using it day and night for almost a week, and I’m so impressed already! I noticed a difference in my pores and how soft my skin was almost immediately!


Glamglow Super Cleanse and Sephora’s Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

The cleanser goes on as the charcoal mud form, but turns into a nice lather once you add water. You apply the cleanser to your dry face, and then apply water to start the lather. Wash off with warm water and pat dry! It’s a breeze. I use Sephora’s Precision Pore Cleansing Pad to rub the cleanser into my skin really well. You can use your fingers, which I’ll admit is much easier, but I try to touch my face as little as possible.


when first applied (I didnt use as much as I normally would, just wanted to show the mud)


If you’re looking for a new cleanser I would recommend this to everyone! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft. I’ll update this post in a few weeks with some results!!